"The Stache"
Edward "Eddie" Guerboian

A Foreword by Edward’s Son, Avedis Guerboian:

Ask The Stache started back when I was in college. My friends nicknamed my dad “The Stache” because he always had an epic mustache and we began joking about him being born with a mustache (I’m 99% sure he was). His mustache is like his superpower and trademark. Just like his mustache, he’s very well-known in the Santa Monica community. It doesn’t matter if it’s a networking event or a party… that’s where you’ll find my dad. He’s also the best hype man, business partner, and most intriguing man in the world.

Over the years, many have hired Eddie to give speeches, attend events, and get the party started!

One Night A Year
Stache Night

Celebrate with Ask The Stache for Stache Night. Join us for this Gentlemen’s only event as we give
back to our community and bring awareness to an important cause.